Now that the dust has settled after Fashion Week, and we have had time to sit back and reflect on what we have seen, we are really excited about what is in store for 2016. From 90s style chokers, to pearls with a modern twist and tribal style talismans, make sure your luxury jewellery box is stuffed full of new and luxurious trinkets from our 2016 Spring/Summer Collections. Here is iWoodesign's edit of the top seven jewellery trends for 2016:
There was a really romantic feel about many of the SS16 Collections, and this has sparked a revival of some classic and timeless jewellery trends, such as the tiara. If this idea sends you into a panic, then don't fear, we are not talking dainty bridal tiaras. Instead, many designers have chosen to subvert the femininity of this piece taking inspiration from video-game heroines, to produce urban warrior style space-age headgear. An unusual addition to your luxury wooden jewellery box maybe, but one that we are looking forward to rocking!

Continuing the romantic theme, the pearl is about to have a major comeback next spring. These white beauties are usually reserved for more formal occasions, but as with the tiara, designers have worked hard to overthrow their prim and proper associations. Think chainmail-style necklaces featuring multiple layers of pearls and shoulder-skimming drop earrings. Time to dig out your Grandma's pearls from the bottom of your luxury jewellery boxes ladies!
Anything goes clothes wise for next Spring/Summer it seems, as designers are using a variety of colours, prints and textures to produce some amazing outfits. To tie these outfits together, many feature a uniting piece: a large broach. The bigger and more colourful the better when it comes to this jewellery piece; it will make a perfect addition to all those eclectic clothing items we will be wearing!
Another timeless jewellery trend that gave the designers inspiration for SS16, was the chain. Many of the designers used different widths and colours of chains to give a different feel. For example, Rodarte was inspired by the bohemian vibes of the 1970s with his use of hand chains, whereas Calvin Klein went further back to the 17th century for inspiration for his talisman inspired layered chains.

It's all about the neck next season, with many designers featuring heavy and oversized necklaces as part of their collections. The 90s style choker seems to be the heaviest influence, with designers coming up with lots of different ways to interpret this trend. From large warrior-style metallic necklaces, to romantic scarf chokers fastened with a broach, to tribal influenced layers of pearls - at least your neck won't be cold next year!
Following on from the tribal style chokers, many of the designers must have holidayed in Africa this year, as the continent was a huge influence in many of the collections. Large and heavy stones were hung from long necklaces or placed on the wrist, while other more delicate pieces featured white terracotta. This is definitely a trend for those of you who enjoy an air of mystery and adventure.
Statement Earrings
The real stand out piece for SS16 has to be the multitude of oversized earrings that were paired with practically every outfit on the catwalk. You can really make a statement with these one of a kind maximalist pieces, and anything goes - as long as it touches your shoulders!
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