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Originating off the island of Hokkaido, this exceptional JAPANESE TAMO ASH iS favoured by Bentley cars for their dashboards.Only the best example of this highly prized wood is used on the iWOODESIGN Collection.
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Luxury Match Striker in beautiful Tamo Ash Note Holder in Stunning Tamo Ash
Note & Pen Holder
Price: £230.00
Cotton Pad Holder in Stunning Tamo Ash Stunning Leggy Wood Box in Tamo Ash
Cotton Pad Holder
Price: £230.00
Boutique Tissue Box in Tamo Ash Stylish Bins
Bathroom Organiser in stunning Tamo Ash Luxury Small Wood Trays in exceptional Japanese Tamo Ash
Bathroom Organiser
Price: £320.00
Luxury Jewellery boxes in exceptional Tamo Ash Luxury Bridge Set in Exceptional Tamo Ash
Luxury Dominoes Set in Exceptional Tamo Ash Tamo Ash Exclusive Creations Mini Tray
Stylish Bins Luxury Trays
Luxury Trays in Wood - iWOODESIGN Luxury Gifts Cigar Humidifier in beautiful Tamo Ash wood
Luxury Bathroom Accessories Luxury Trays
Luxury Kitchen Accesssories Beautiful Watch Box in exceptional Tamo Ash