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Striking and elegant, DARK EBONY gives a contemporary luxurious feel.
Most items in the Collection are available in this popular wood.

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Wood Pencil Boxes beautifully packaged - great luxury gifts by iWOODESIGN A stylish gift for anyone's home and office.
Empty-Your-Pockets Trays in ebony wood Rectangle tissue boxes for every room.
Square Tissue Box Luxury Magazine Holder - Luxury Gifts
Stylish Bins Luxury Wood Trays in contemporary Dark Ebony
Luxury Photo Frames Letter Holders - Place your papers in an orderly and accessible way with this stylish luxury letter holder.
Luxury Bins Luxury Trays
A stylish gift for anyone's home and office. Unique magnetic frame for ease.
Luxury Decorative Boxes in Wood - Great luxury gifts by iWOODESIGN Luxury Trays in Wood - iWOODESIGN Luxury Gifts
Luxury Bathroom Accessories Luxury Desk Set
Luxury Desk Set
Price: £400.00
Luxury Wood Trays A super laptop and bed tray for all your needs.