Luxury Accessories for your Super Yacht

When you are thinking about the fixtures and fittings for a luxury super yacht, necessity and comfort are not necessarily the first things that come to mind. Usually, you are thinking of style, design and self-expression as a way of embellishing both the interior and exterior space. The key to the super yacht lies in the word super obviously great furniture and furnishings are essential to the overall comfort and functionality of life on board, but the quality and style of the chosen pieces should always add to the luxuriousness and uniqueness of your onboard lifestyle.
The trends in furniture and accessories for super yachts do tend to vary greatly, of course, due to the culture and nationality of the yacht's owner. There tends to be two trains of thought: the traditional dark wood crew and the more modern lighter wood crew.

The Pamper Bed Tray - Royal Santos Rosewood

The traditional design of a super yacht uses dark, heavy woods and is concerned with the ergonomic comforts of furniture, which historically dates back to 18th century clippers. The more European love of lighter woods and a more contemporary style, tends to put design ahead of comfort. Furthermore, the growth in popularity of the super yacht, has led to more interior designers working in this area, and, therefore, becoming more confident in experimenting more, creating new spaces and pieces that have not been seen before which allows for some phenomenal interior designs.

Stylish Bins

Although the size of super yachts has grown over recent years, with mega yachts extending to in excess of 71 metres long, there is still not the space on board that one will find on dry land. The furnishing of a super yacht is usually concerned with creating the illusion of a larger space within a smaller space - which is usually achieved by using light coloured neutral furnishings with the occasional splash of colour to add a touch of the owner's personality and design preferences.
When thinking about furnishing a super yacht there are many things to take into consideration. Obviously, there will be some element of time spent in a marine setting, so owners and designers should look for durability, weight, compactness and adaptability. Of course, luxury home accessories should also fit in with the scheme and purpose of the interior. It is worth bearing in mind that life on a super yacht tends to be a blend of indoor and outdoor, so pieces chosen will need to meet the demands of this type of lifestyle, such as exposure to moisture and extreme changes in temperature.
iWoodesign's range of luxury home accessories are ideal for this purpose as they are all handcrafted from a beautiful selection of wood. The wood we use is strong and durable, and has stunning grains and colours. From photo cubes to tissue boxes, iWoodesign have many items that will add a touch of elegance and class to your super yacht interior as well as being practical items you can use every day. We also have an exclusive range of luxury Backgammon Sets, ideal for whiling away a few hours while you wait for the F1 Monaco Grand Prix to start, for example!

Luxury Backgammon Set - Japanese Tamo Ash

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