A luxury backgammon set from iWoodesign is a perfect present for any man or woman – something that they can cherish forever, and that will look amazing in their stylish home. However, backgammon is not just for adults – many children love playing it too. There is a little bit of resistance amongst some people about the suitability of backgammon as a game for children, as many people associate backgammon with gambling – but actually backgammon is a great game for children, and here is why:
Playing any type of game involving dice with your children, is a great way to help them learn about numbers and maths. And backgammon is a game where you can vary the amount of maths involved dependant on the child's age and numerical sklll. For example, a young child can learn how to add the numbers on the two dice together, and also count the pips which go around the backgammon board. As they get older, you can introduce concepts such as teaching them about odds and statistics, such as the fact there are more ways to get hit when you are 6 away than when you are 1 away. And once they have grasped these concepts, you can talk about winning odds and taking points – all great maths lessons.

Luxury Backgammon Set

Teaching a child to play Backgammon is also a way of helping them to learn about luck. Learning to cope with losing a game, or dancing on a one point board will help them to cope better with the misfortunes that life sometimes throws our way. Likewise, learning to win with good grace is equally important in life, and something you can definitely help to show them by example.
Allowing your child, or a child within your family, to learn to play Backgammon, a game which is considered to be complicated, will give them something to feel proud off, and this will in turn help them to be confident and have a better self-image too. It can also provide a great social outlet for them too – especially if you let them get involved in live tournament play. Many communities have backgammon clubs where children can meat and interact with other children, and a love of backgammon also allows them to interact with adults on an equal basis too.

Luxury Backgammon Set
If you can get the whole family involved in playing backgammon, then a luxury backgammon set is the greatest gift of all! Backgammon can be an interest that your whole family share, and both children and adults alike will probably get very competitive! It is a great hobby for children to get into too, as it better for them than watching cartoons or playing video games, and it can even be done online too – keeping them occupied in the car on long journeys for example. It is also an interest that will last them their whole life through – life won’t get in the way, or fitness levels. And the younger they learn to play, the better a player they will be when they reach adulthood.

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