Board Games, such as Backgammon, are great things for children of all ages to play, for many different reasons. For example, preschool children learn how to follow rules and focus when they are playing board games. It can also help them to understand the basics of problem-solving and creative thinking too. Board games are also a great way to get the family together, and for coaxing kids away from the plethora of technological devices and toys that seems to rule their lives these days. Whatever their age, kids will learn decision-making, consequences and strategic thinking from playing board games.
Buying a luxury backgammon set for your family will, therefore, always be a good investment, as it can be used to teach your child many different things. For example, it is a great way to help your child to learn about maths. If they are very young, playing backgammon will enable them to learn how to add numbers up on the dice and to count the pips as they go around the board. As they get older, of course, the complexity of the maths will increase as their skill increase; so, they may get into far more complicated maths theories, such as statistics and odds.

Playing with a beautiful backgammon set will also enable your children to learn about luck, and more importantly learn about how to handle bad luck (and good luck) with grace. Playing a tough game and losing, will help you to teach them that life will sometimes throws bad luck and misfortune at them, but it is how we handle it that is important. Backgammon will also teach them that winning well and showing good sportsmanship is equally important, and can stand them in good stead in life. Learning to play a complicated game like Backgammon, can also help to build a child's confidence. It will give them something to be proud of and feel special about - knowing that they have managed to master a game that some adults can't!
Backgammon is also a game that can help them socially - not only because they can play the game with the whole family, but they can also play with other children. If you love Backgammon and are lucky enough to have an exclusive backgammon set, why not share your love of the game with your child after all, doesn't every child want to be able to beat their parents at something?! This makes it not just a learning process, but a really enjoyable game as well. Backgammon also allows children to meet and interact with adults on an equal basis, especially if they travel to tournaments and get involved as well.

There are many benefits of helping your child to learn backgammon, so why not invest in a luxury backgammon set for your home? We have many beautiful examples at iWoodesign, so for more information, please give us a call on 0208 802 2425 or email us at