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Why You Should Play Board Games with your Children


The world of board games has changed dramatically over the past few years, but there are still many reasons why they are great to play - especially if you are a parent. Here are some of our favourite reasons why it is so important for parents and children to play board games together (even if some of these reasons work better in theory than practice!)
Taking Turns
One of the first things you learn when you are playing a board game is that there are times when you have to participate and times when you don't. Rolling the dice, moving your piece and drawing cards, for example, are all things that you shouldn't be doing unless it is your turn. Playing board games teaches children that there are appropriate and inappropriate times for things - a lesson which will hopefully extend into the real world!
Maths Skills
Most board games, especially a backgammon game, encompasses many basic math skills, such as adding up the score on a dice. Some games also explore more complicated math skills such as evaluating probabilities and working out how many backgammon pieces you can get rid of with the least amount of moves. Playing board games with your children on a regular basis will not only help them to practice their maths skills, but could also improve them - as long as you are patient enough to let them work things out on their own!
Mental Agility
As you get older, there are all sorts of benefits of exercising your brain - and this only improves the younger you start. Playing games like Backgammon, when you have to think of a long-term strategy, will help to keep your mind flexible and active, although your children may outperform you in the mental gymnastics!
Thinking Ahead
More complex games, such as backgammon, demand that you not only think about what you are doing on this turn, but also what your long-term strategy is going to be. The ability to think ahead in a game will hopefully help your children to think ahead a bit better in day to day life as well.
Actions and Consequences
This is related to thinking ahead, but board games are a closed environment which can help children to learn about cause and effect in an enjoyable way. It can also help them to make tough choices and can help to improve their ability to balance risk and reward.

Being a Good Sport
Another benefit of playing board games that most people are familiar with, is that you learn how to be a good sport. Nobody likes a sore looser or winner, so playing games with your children gives you the opportunity to show them how to handle defeat gracefully (as long as you can contain yourself!) You can also take the opportunity to teach them that the fun is in playing of the game itself, not simply winning.
At the end of the day, playing games with your kids is fun and helps you to build bonds. So, why not invest in one of our luxury backgammon sets and set up a regular game night with your children?
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