We think that it is important for creative people to get their desk zone right for them. Ideally your work environment must be inspiring and stylish to maximise your productivity. Keeping organised can be tough for some people, but a disorganised workspace will make you less efficient and can even leave you stressed. Looking for notes or relevant documents in a pile of clutter can take up time that you would be better off spent doing something else. If you work in a customer orientated role, having a cluttered desk can give a disorganised and unreliable vibe. Clutter also encourages clutter, but once your desk is organised, it is much easier to keep it that way. That is why we are sure that you will love the new range of Luxury desk accessories at iWoodesign. It is the go to range if you are looking to purchase a few new additions for your workspace this year and really want to spoil yourself. From paper dividers and magazine files to stackable letter trays and leggy pencil holders, we've got some stunning luxury office desk accessories to share with you.
Leggy Pencil Boxes
Give your desk a gorgeous makeover by investing in one of our beautiful leggy pencil boxes. Made from exclusively sourced dark ebony, smoked oak, and warm walnut, each box contains four internal hidden dividers. The idea behind a pencil box, of course, is to reduce your table clutter. But it doesn't just have to be for pens and pencils - you can pop scissors, paper clips, and other similar sized objects in there too.
The beauty of iWoodesign's pencil box is that it stands out from normal pen holders, because of its elegant design and exclusive materials – as seen in our entire range of luxury office desk accessories.

Magazine Holder
A magazine holder is a great way to store letters, forms, files and envelopes - basically anything that is flat! It takes up less space than other organisational systems, and if you use more than one, they are a great way to keep your paper subdivided in a manageable way. This would make an ideal corporate desk accessory, because its made from exclusive woods such as, Russian Karelian birch, dark ebony, smoked oak and warm walnut which gives it a beautiful look.

Stackable Letter Trays
A letter tray is another good way to help you to organise your papers, but it sits flat on your desk rather than standing vertically. These are of more benefit to people who have larger desks with space to spare, or people that need to have access to papers at an arms reach. You could use a combination of magazine holders and letter trays if you want to be super organised and you have the space, or you can just decide which style works best for you and stick with that. At iWoodesign, our luxury wooden stackable trays are available in exclusively sourced dark ebony, warm walnut, smoked oak and the stunning Russian Karelian birch as well.

Empty Your Pockets Tray
Sometimes there is no obvious place to put something, like your keys or spare change. This is where this stunning tray comes in, as it can hold a wide variety of items easily. It can also be slipped into a drawer so that your clutter is hidden from view! However, it is so beautiful that we think it should be a focal desk accessory in its own right! Again, it is designed for style as well as practicality, and it comes in a range of exclusive woods including warm walnut and smoked oak.
For more information about our luxury desk accessories and other luxury homeware items, please email us at on [email protected] or call on 0208 802 2425.