Having a luxurious looking home is probably top of everyone’s interior wish list, and there are many interior designers out there who are willing to show you how to get the high-end look you have dreamed of without breaking the bank. There are many simple solutions, such as adding a cashmere throw or adding a fresh coat of paint that will bring a little luxury into your home without changing its overall style. With this in mind, iWoodesign wanted to share our top tips on how to make your home look elegant, and delight your guests, while giving you the interior look you have always dreamed of.

Paint Colours Matter

Deciding what colour to paint any individual room in your home, can be a really difficult decision, especially as you can’t really decide on the rest of the décor until this is settled. However, if an elegant and luxurious home is what you are after, then there are certain paint colours that will add instant glamour.
One way to go is bold and dramatic, using colour combinations such as red and black. This is a really eye-catching colour combination which can be softened with the addition of some of the luxury homeware pieces from our fabulous collection.
The other option is to keep things soft and understated, with a colour palette of creams, browns and neutrals – again an option which will work perfectly with the majority of the pieces from our luxury homeware collection.


Everybody likes to feel cosy and pampered, and a multitude of cushions placed on your couch and chairs will really add a feeling of cosiness and comfort. Depending on the style and colours you choose as well, they can really add to the feeling of elegance and style. For example, one interior design trick is to avoid the standard 12 to 18-inch cushion, and instead buy a 22-inch cushion cover and squash a 24-inch cushion pad into it. This gives the appearance of a large overstuffed cushion that creates a plush, elegant appearance – especially if the cushion cover is silk or velvet.
Cushions work really well as a way of adding a little elegance to your bed too. Pick sumptuous fabrics with a little sparkle for a really luxurious feel.

Window Treatments

How you choose to decorate your windows is really important, as this is an area where it is easy to get things wrong and make the rest of the room look cheap and unfinished. Look for curtains that are lined, as curtains made from a flimsy material that is unlined can often look cheap and won’t give you any privacy. Again stick to elegant materials such as silk, linen or cotton and buy them wider and longer than suggested, to give a billowing, luxurious look. If you are not a curtain fan, then look for blinds made from wood or bamboo for an elegant touch. Beautiful window dressings are a quick way to make your home look elegant and well-designed.


Lighting can make a huge difference to the feel of a room. For a more luxurious feel to a room, look for lamps rather than overhead lighting. Lamps tend to give a softer, more indulgent ambience than a stark overhead light does. Look for unusual, quirky designs at flea markets and antique stores, to get a unique piece for your home at a good price. Or try the interior design trick of placing a drum shade around an old chandelier to get a more customised look.

Accessorise Your Home

Many average homes lack those little extra touches that will elevate them out of the ordinary and into the realms of elegance and luxury. There are many ways to accessorise your home to create instantly a luxurious feel, and iWodesign’s collection of wooden luxury homewares is a perfect way to do this. Wood is associated with wealth and riches, but it also has a feeling of warmth and nature to – and is a very tactile material that people will love to pick up and examine. Included in our luxury homeware range are luxury trays, luxury photo cubes, stylish bins and luxury tissue boxes.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to make your home look more elegant – such as choosing the right paint colours, buying well-made luxury items, and shopping wisely. Take the time to think about each area in your home, and how you can create an elegant look and feel there, using some of the tips we have shared with you above.
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