The popularity of the cocktail is on the rise, and this means we are starting also to see a comeback of the home bar. And this doesn't have to mean a wet bar - most houses these days don't have space for them after all! What is does mean is that there is a resurgence in popularity for the good old-fashion bar cart as an area to store your drinking essentials, ready to mix up a cocktail as and when you need it. As a luxury homeware item, we can't be sure whether this popularity is due to people's desire to save money or a nostalgia for a simpler more stylish time - but as luxury homeware designers, we have to say we like it!
A bar cart at the end of the day is a stylish and chic addition to any home, and can add a touch of personality too. Having a bar cart in your house will provide your guests with something unique to talk about and a bit of insight into your life. However, they need to be styled correctly to project the image you want, so here are iWoodesign's bar cart basics:
A good bar cart should always have a selection of trays with it. One to act as a holder for the liquor, glassware and other decorative items, and one or two to use to pass the cocktails out to your guests. iWoodesign have some contemporary luxury trays in our luxury homeware selection that are just perfect for this. Handcrafted from exclusive woods such as Tamo Ash and Figured Sycamore they come as a set of three, and will add a touch of elegance to your bar cart straight away.

Talking of glassware no bar cart is complete without some gorgeous cocktail glasses. Just because they perform a function though doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. Have a little fun with your glasses and be a little eclectic - instead of buying six glasses all the same mix them up for a more individual look - there are some great designs out there.
Why would you need a book on a bar cart I hear you ask. Well, because not only are they stylish they can be useful too! Grabbing a chic drink recipe book will score you serious style points, and also allow you to try a few new cocktails you may never have made before.
Although a row of bottles can look pretty, nothing says luxury, elegance, and class more than a decanter. A luxury homeware essential, this is definitely a fundamental item for any stylish bar cart.
Monogram Letter
Incorporating the first letter of your first or last name is a huge interior design trend at the moment, so why not use it to add a touch of personality to your bar cart? Grab a beautiful print of your chosen letter and slip it into one of our luxury photo frames to add another touch of class to your cart.

Cocktail Shaker
No bar cart would be complete without the obligatory cocktail shaker, so make sure yours is classically inspired and timeless. A stainless steel one is quite practical, but there are so many designs out there these days you can pick something that is more personal to you to add a touch of personality.

Cigar Humidifier and Match Striker

We definitely do not advocate smoking, however, we also do not advocate in designer a boring luxury cigar humidor with matching striker. These two are so stylish and would stunning on your bar cart. Put them there for decoration or actual use.

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