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Luxury jewellery boxes can conjure up a sense of discovery, romance and occasion, and should be as treasured as the jewellery they contain.
For many women there is a direct link between make-up and jewellery, with such things as colour, complexion lifting light, glamour, transformation and role play all being taken into account. But, the biggest link between make-up and jewellery is that they are both part of the dressing table ritual – which seems to have returned in full force recently. Ladies are investing in silk nightwear to lounge in, and expensive cosmetics and beautiful fragrances that they can display on their dressing tables – and this comes at a time when there is a celebration of preciousness in the world of jewellery. All of which together has seen an increase in the number of luxury jewellery boxes being placed on dressing tables as a boudoir centrepiece.

Jewellery boxes have long been associated with intrigue and romance – as they hold such a promise of treasures and memories attached to the jewellery stored inside them. Most women will have memories of sitting at their mother of grandmother’s dressing table playing with their powder and lipstick, and draping her jewellery on themselves. One of the highlights of my childhood was helping my mother get ready to go out – helping her choose what to wear from the beautiful compartments in her jewellery box gave me a real appreciation of glamour and luxury.
Our memories of such joyous occasions have helped shape the designs of iWoodesign’s luxury jewellery boxes that are handcrafted for using speciality woods. We want our luxury jewellery boxes to be the perfect accompaniment to any precious object that has been given to a loved one, and with the pull out tray and hidden internal box there is a sense of theatre to the boxes too. IWoodesign also put as much thought and effort into our Luxury Watch Boxes too as we want the quality of our craftsmanship to match the technical expertise of the watches stored inside.

We like to think that the Luxury Jewellery Boxes created by iWoodesign will conjure up a sense of wonder Our handcrafted boxes feature secret internal boxes and lift-out faux suede lined trays for a dignified feel. The jewellery box is no longer simply a functional item, but is now elevated to becoming something that you treasure as a memento and memory – with an aesthetic quality that really stirs your emotions.
Jewellery boxes should not just be about the dressing table though. Since the Edwardian times, when parties and balls were celebrated all over the world, travel has become an important part of many jewellery boxes lives too. iWoodesign have taken this into account too – the beautiful wooden internal box from our luxury jewellery boxes, can be removed and is so practical for packing. This sort of travel solution for jewels really preserves the ritual of jewellery preservation whilst you are on the road.

If you want your jewels to be stored, and travel in, style then take a look at the luxury jewellery boxes available at