The kitchen area is the hub of the modern household; it is often the centre of activity and a place for cooking, socialising and relaxing with friends and family. For these reasons, it can sometimes be difficult to keep this space clean and organised. If you have a large family, you will know that this is a continuous challenge!

This is where our luxury kitchen accessories come in, because they can help you to organise your kitchen and make sure that it stays neat and tidy. They are also beautiful accessories in their own right. Never will you have seen such exquisite kitchen accessory sets as these! Add a flare to your kitchen with these hand-crafted sets, made from some of the world’s most exclusive and highly sought after wood varieties. With these magnificent accessories, you can ensure that your kitchen remains a nice environment to live, work and socialise in.

Nest of Trays

Trays are such a useful kitchen accessory; we use ours every day, for all sorts of little jobs, such as transporting food and drinks. They are also a great way to store oils, spices and cooking utensils if you’re challenged for cupboard space, or like to keep these items in a place that’s easy to reach. By adding a tray underneath, you can group foods or pantry items together and keep them neat. This also helps to keep drips and spills from building up on your counter, making cleaning easier. It’s a win-win! Our lovely trays are available in a range of different woods, so that you can choose a colour that best suits your kitchen interiors.

Large Bin & Mini Bin
Our hand-made wooden bins can be used for waste or for recycling. However, it seems a shame not to have these unique bins on display; our fabulous luxury bins are a lovely way to present things. Therefore, we recommend that you use them to store different things in, such as stationary or arts and crafts. This way you can clear away clutter and proudly display this designer homeware accessory.

Boutique Tissue Box & Rectangle Tissue Box

Tissue boxes are always useful to have to hand in your kitchen, whether it's for containing a sneeze or mopping up a spillage! As part of our kitchen accessory set, you will receive a boutique tissue box and a rectangular tissue box. These are available in a variety of different woods, such as Dark Ebony, Smoked Oak and Warm Walnut.

Each has been specially hand-made by our experienced craftsmen and each will have a unique grain pattern, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Choose your favourite from our collection. Buy a truly one of a kind table which would make a wonderful addition to any space.

The great thing about all of our products is that they are not only useful, functional and practical, but they are also beautiful designer house accessories that would add a sense of luxuriousness and opulence to your kitchen.It really is so easy to keep your kitchen neat and tidy with these splendid kitchen accessory sets. For more information about our luxury homeware, please contact us on 0208 802 2425 or email us at [email protected]