Good wall decoration, combined with beautiful furniture and stunning luxury wooden home accessories can come together to take a room from mediocre to utterly stunning. Using your favourite photos placed in one of iWoodesign's luxury photo frames as wall decoration, is something that many people like to do, but even these will look silly on your walls if they are not hung straight or are poorly arranged. So, avoid making these mistakes by reading iWoodesign's common sense tips on displaying photos, and make sure that your framed photographs look professional and elegant with just a few easy tricks:

Firstly, Choose the Right Pictures
Make sure that the pictures you wish to hang are the most distinctive and professional looking shots you have - and just have a think about who will see the photos. Sometimes a photo you love which makes you and your family smile, might be something that a visitor to your home doesn't understand. For your hall and lounge, it is best to stick to photos of your family (except naked baby pictures) or traditional art.

Plan Your Picture Groupings Beforehand
If you are planning to hang more than one picture on your wall space, this can look amazing if you get the precise spacing and arrangement of the pictures just right. By hanging multiple pictures together, you can create a striking visual. However, before you actually get the pictures on the wall, take some time to make a plan of how you are actually going to hang them. Taking a few minutes to trace around each luxury photo frame on your wall (with an erasable item), or lay them down on a piece of paper and cut around them – this makes it much easier to arrange them and map out exactly where you would like the hang them. Once you can visualise what they will look like and you are happy with it, you can start banging in nails!

Place Your Biggest Picture First
Your biggest pictures, especially if they are ones you are particularly proud of, deserve the most prominent position in the room. In order to make sure that they are noticed, you need to place them at eye level or higher. Don't put them too close to a corner of the room, as you will end up making them look squashed; give larger pictures priority by positioning in a way that makes them the centrepiece of the wall.
Moreover, as long as your largest picture doesn't completely overshadow your other pictures, you can use it as part of a multi-picture arrangement. One way to do this is to place it in one of the lower corners of the arrangement, with your second largest picture in the upper corner opposite it. You can then use smaller pictures to fill in the rest of the imaginary rectangle that your two larger pictures make up.

Group Smaller Pictures Together
Many of our customers are lucky enough to have been given a wide variety of our luxury wooden home accessories, as they make such stunning luxury gifts. If you have many small photos in frames, then why not group them together in a visually appealing pattern that compliments the room they are situated in. If you have limited wall space, then you might like to use tightly spaced vertical or horizontal rows, or cloud-like arrangements, featuring frames of different sizes, for a more modern and contemporary feel.

One of the most important things to remember when you are creating a cluster of pictures, is to make sure that the level edges of each frame are at ninety-degree angles to each other. As well as making sure that your pictures are straight, you should also make sure that there is a uniform distance between each picture within the arrangement.

The great thing about smaller pictures is that they are so much more versatile than larger ones. For example, iWoodesign's photo cubes and luxury photo frames look stunning when placed on a bedroom wall, or up the stairs, as a visual and fun reminder of your family’s history and memories.
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