As a company who deals very closely with people's wants and needs, we have noticed that there seems to come a time in every gentleman's life where they suddenly start to value time. It could be the loss of a family member or the birth of a child, but something just starts them thinking about how precious time is. This often makes them desire a gorgeous piece on their wrist to show the world how much they value time. At this point, it might be time for them to start an exclusive watch collection.
This should obviously be given some consideration beforehand, as watches can be expensive investments. In fact, a watch is one of the most expensive gifts for men - so you do not want to get it wrong. Some research needs to be done by the purchaser, looking into not only what selection of watches are available, but also the personal taste and style of the person who will be wearing the watch. And of course, the crucial consideration - how much money you are willing to spend.

If you want an investment grade watch - one that will increase in value over time - you should be looking to spend, at least, 5,000 to 10,000. Don't worry if this is outside your budget, though, as you can still get a watch that the recipient will love, as long as you take a few things into account. Firstly, do you want the watch to be manual (meaning that it will have to be wound) or automatic? Do you want to buy a new watch from a jeweller, or do you want to invest in a vintage watch from a flea market or a specialist online store?
It is also important to consider the style of the watch and the style of the gentleman who will be wearing it. As with most aspects of a gentleman's dress code, it is usually best to keep your watch style simple and classic. Over-sized, over styled and over jewelled watches can look a bit gaudy, especially if they are so big that your shirt cuff won't fit over them. Think about it this way, a huge watch on your wrist will draw attention to your wrist, therefore, taking it away from your face - is that what you want?!
Now, as we have said before, watches are considered to be one of the most expensive gifts for men, but let's say your budget is quite low in the watch world - under 500 for example. What can you get for your money? Well, in this case, you may be best going for a vintage watch, rather than something new, as you will get more for your money. It will require more work on your behalf; tracking down a good vintage watch can take time, but it will be infinitely more rewarding in the long run - especially if you can find a vintage Cartier watch. You want to make sure the watch looks like it has been passed from generation to generation, so you should make sure that as many of the old parts as possible are intact - such as the face or the dial.

The most important thing about watches, especially if you start a watch collection, is how well you look after them. You need to make sure that your watch (or watches) are kept away from super magnets, as this could cause pieces inside to move. Extreme temperature changes should also be avoided, as expansion and contraction can make the inside of your watch go a little kooky. At iWoodesign, we not only sell expensive gifts for men, but we also sell Luxury Homeware, Luxury Desk Accessories and Luxury Wooden Watch Boxes. These elegant Watch Boxes have seven pillows to display your watch collection on, as well as 11 compartments for other jewellery and dressing accompaniments. They would make an excellent gift for someone who loves their watches and wants to take good care of them.
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