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Wedding Day Gifts for your Groom

There is a wedding tradition that may come as a surprise to some and that is for the couple who are getting married to give each other a high-end gift to open on their wedding day. Hopefully, both parties involved will hear about this tradition before it is too late, after all, you would not want the groom to receive something from the bride and not give anything in return! This would not be a great start to their special day! Traditionally, the groom gives the bride jewellery that she could wear on the big day, such as a necklace, bracelet or earrings. The wedding gift from bride to groom is usually a watch which may be engraved with the date of their wedding or a personal message. These expensive gifts will have been chosen to celebrate the special day and can be treasured as heirlooms to pass down to children in the future.

The wedding gifts given to each other by the bride and groom should be symbolic of their love and commitment, and so be personal and unique to them. As with all gifts, the groom should listen out for hints! For example, if the bride has been talking about a particular pair of diamond earrings that she would love to wear on the day, then she might be a little upset to receive a gift voucher instead! Some ideas for wedding gifts for the bride are a classic pearl necklace, a locket with a personal engraving on the back, a brooch, pearl earrings or a bottle of expensive perfume.
Expensive gifts for men are harder to come by, but you could choose something like a watch (as previously mentioned), a money clip, cufflinks or a monogrammed handkerchief. Or for something a little different, why not look at our new Cigar Humidifier and Match Striker? Available separately or as a set, these handcrafted items are really luxurious and very tactile. Both are made from stunning Royal Ebony Macassar wood, which has a beautiful grain pattern that will really catch the eye, and the humidifier is lined with Spanish cedar wood. Both items are presented in stylish gift boxes and would make a perfect present for groom.
Another unusual gift which is not only modern, but also personalised is our set of three large wooden photo cubes. These have a unique magnetic construction which makes it really easy to slip photos in and out, so you could fill them with memories of your life together as a couple up until now.
They come in three different kinds of wood - dark ebony, smoked oak and warm walnut - to ensure that they perfectly match any home interiors and are something that both the bride and groom will treasure forever.
For more information on our range of expensive gifts for men and women, please email us at [email protected].