You might have thought that with all the fuss surrounding the launch of the Apple Watch recently, the market for mechanical watches would have slowed down. Well, fear not, the luxury mechanical watch market is still ticking away and has been doing so now for the past few years.
Switzerland produces more than 90% of the worlds finest watches and a recent study completed by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has shown that over the last ten years the number of luxury watch exports from Switzerland has nearly tripled. This is despite the recent dip in exports to China. In the UK, this boom has probably been the most visible with the launch of the biggest luxury watch store, Watches of Switzerland, being opened on Regent Street in London in 2013. This store has over 6000 watches in stock with prices ranging from 2000 to over 1m. Patek Phillipe has also doubled the size of its Bond Street store while Berry's has moved into a new larger store with an entire floor dedicated to Patek Phillipe.

This might seem to be something of a backward trend after all going from digital to clockwork would seem to be counter-intuitive. So why is this happening? Well, one explanation for it could be that the watch culture is a very male one - as you can gather from looking around any high-end luxury watch store. It is just another thing for them to get geeky about - like collecting comics - and they can have an emotional connection with watches too. Many people like that fact that they can build up a knowledge of watches, and are happy to wear them as they can have a bit of a show-off potential too.
There is also a move towards men owning more than one watch - one of the new smart watches maybe, but also a so-called dress watch or two. Many men find that although the smart watches are great, they cannot do without the sound of their mechanical watch ticking - with some people comparing it to a heartbeat. There is also more of an appreciation in the world nowadays for items that are hand-crafted, and so people tend to notice when you are wearing a luxury watch and appreciate the choice you have made.

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