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Luxury Wood Trays
Luxury Trays in Sterling Grey wood. Forever useful and stylish.
Cigar Humidifier in beautiful Tamo Ash wood
A striking Cigar Humidifier like no other in Japanese Tamo Ash !
Luxury Trays in Wood - iWOODESIGN Luxury Gifts
Perfect for dinner for two!
A stylish gift for anyone's home and office.
3 Stackable Letter Trays in stunning Sterling Grey.
Luxury Trays
A fabulous size for dinner for one with a glass of wine.
Luxury Small Wood Trays handmade in contemporary Sterling Grey
Luxury Trays in stunning woods. Forever useful and stylish. Perfect for tea and a kindle!
Stylish Bins
A Sterling Grey Bin small enough to place on a table and large enough to put on the floor.
Luxury Magazine Holder - Luxury Gifts
Stylish Open Box Files in Sterling Grey to smarten up your home and office!
Rectangle tissue boxes for every room.
Stunning Sterling Grey Tissue Box Holder for your every room.
Boutique Tissue Box
A stunning Sterling Grey handmade tissue box.