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Top Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching - on the 19th June, if you have not already made a note in your diary! It is a special day that we set aside each year, in order to celebrate not only our fathers, but also those who are father figures to us, such as grandfathers' and father-in-laws'. It originated in America to complement Mother’s Day and to celebrate fathers and male parenting. It all started about 100 years ago, although there are many different versions as to how the day actually originated, most people credit Sonora Smart Dodd (daughter of a Civil War Veteran) as the mastermind behind it all. In some countries around the world it is celebrated as a public holiday, but not in the United Kingdom - alas!
One of the problems with Father's Day is that men are notoriously difficult to buy for! This can leave children of all ages scratching their heads when trying to think of the perfect present for dad! Fathers give so much to their children, and so it’s no wonder we really want to spoil him for the day.
So, how can we help? Well, iWoodesign has a wide range of unique wooden items that will really appeal to your dad, and leave him with a real sense of how you feel about him on his special day.
How about a luxury backgammon set? Backgammon is one of the oldest games that we know about,
dating back at least 5,000 years and originating in Iraq (which was known as Mesopotamia back then). With a reputation for being difficult to understand, many people are put off by the thought of backgammon, but it is really quite simple! It is a game for two players that is played on a board that is crafted with 24 elongated triangles on it - called points. These triangles vary in colour and are grouped together into four sets of six, with the triangles nearest to the player being termed his home board, and the triangles that are furthest away being termed the outer board. The aim of the game is to move all of your pieces onto your home board and then off the board, and the first person to do this wins.

The great thing about choosing a luxury backgammon set to gift your father on Father’s Day, is that you are not only choosing something that is made from exclusive, luxurious wood that will look great wherever he places it in his home or office, but you are also giving him something that he can use to spend time with his family and friends with. A truly special gift if we do say so ourselves!
If your dad isn't a game playing person, but he likes to be stylish and keep his eye on the latest must-have items, then how about a luxury watch box instead? More and more men
are investing in wa
tches these days, and a la
rge proportion of them own more than one, so why not present him with an oak watch box to keep his collection safe while displaying the
m in a very attractive manner? A watch box is also very practical as he can pack it into his luggage and take it with him wherever he goes in the world.
For more information on our range of Father’s Day Gifts, including a luxury backgammon set and an oak watch box, please call us on 0208 802 2425 or by email at [email protected]