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Our Top Picks For Spring Trends

Our Top Picks For Spring Trends
As the blossoms bloom and days grow longer, we at iWOODESIGN are thrilled to share with you our top picks for the spring trend. Founded a decade ago by Deanne, a British bloomer, we've been steadfast in our commitment to delivering top quality craftsmanship and materials in our exclusive collection of luxury homewares and gifts. This Spring, we continue to deliver on that promise, using some of the most exquisite woods sourced from around the globe. Visit us at to explore our one-of-a-kind creations.

Our spring trends are blossoming with the uniquely handcrafted Backgammon Set in Japanese Tamo Ash from iWOODESIGN - an impeccably crafted piece that truly sets the international standard of luxury gaming. Each set, made from one of the most sumptuous woods, is a testament to our commitment for quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.

Amidst the myriad of spring trends this year, our top pick is iWOODESIGN's Warm Walnut Pamper Bed Tray - an elegant blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal that captures the essence of modern luxury. Handcrafted meticulously, this compact yet sophisticated tray not only offers an impressive solution for your laptop and reading material but also adds an exquisite touch to your home décor.

For spring trends, our top pick is the Nest of Trays in Karelian Birch. Epitomizing sophistication, this stunning set of three luxury trays, crafted in stylish Karelian Birch, is a must-have. Versatile and contemporary in design, these trays offer immeasurable utility in any household. As always, the iWOODESIGN's commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship and materials is evident in every detail. This elegant set is also beautifully gift boxed, cementing its status as a perfect addition to our Exclusive Creations Collection.

Further solidifying its position as the go-to brand for luxurious homeware, iWOODESIGN has unveiled an exquisite addition to its spring collection – a lavish desk set made from dark ebony, warm walnut, and smoked oak. Every piece in the desk set, from the letter holder to the leggy pen box, you can either buy separately or together, allowing you to customise your workspace with these opulent pieces. Each elegantly crafted piece adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace and is the epitome of iWOODESIGN's commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

As we embrace the beauty of spring, I'm thrilled to share with you some of our top spring picks from iWOODESIGN, a decade-old homeware brand renowned for luxury, originality, and intricate craft. Highlights of our spring collection include a handcrafted Japanese Tamo Ash Backgammon set, Warm Walnut Pamper Bed Tray and a Nest of Trays in Russian Karelian Birch, epitomizing luxury and functionality. Additionally, our spring collection welcomes an exquisite variety of desk set pieces in materials like dark ebony, warm walnut, and smoked oak, catered to offer elegance in your workspace. Discover sophistication and luxury at iWOODESIGN this spring, visit us at