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How to Dine Al Fresco in Style

We cannot think of anything better on a warm summer evening than sitting outside and enjoying a meal. There is just something about outdoor dining that somehow makes the food taste better. Think about the last picnic you had in the sunshine, or fish and chips by the sea - yummy! But, are you making the most of your garden when it comes to mealtimes? How many warm summer evenings have you spent inside at the dining table, rather than enjoying a bit of outdoor living for a change? In the hectic world we live in today, we can all be guilty of forgetting that our gardens are there to be enjoyed. After all, the enjoyment of food is all about sensations as your eyes, nose and taste buds all help to improve your enjoyment. Therefore, why not indulge yourself by doing some al fresco dining this summer?
Firstly, you will need to find a suitable place to set up your outdoor dining area. Ideally, this will be somewhere sheltered and away from the sun and wind. It would be nice if the area were large enough to accommodate a group of family and friends. It should be somewhere in your garden that is both comfortable and pleasant (not facing a blank concrete wall), but rather somewhere where there are interesting plants and flowers to look at. It would also be ideal if it were easily accessible from the kitchen for ease of accessing food and drink.

Secondly, you should think about a suitable table and chair setting. There are many outdoor dining options available in modern day, but the most important thing to remember is that they should be made from materials that are resistant to sun and rain. You can purchase anything from a little bistro set for two to enjoy your morning coffee on, to a table big enough to seat the whole family for a meal. The choice is yours.

Next, you should think about decorating your space. IWoodesign have various luxury home accessories in our range that would bring a stylish touch to any table setting, but perhaps the most useful are our luxury wooden tray sets. These are not only chic, but also practical as they can be easily carried inside and outside. They can also be used to carry other decorations and food and drink as well. These are available in a wide selection of exclusive woods that will easily match your chosen decoration style.
Once you have your table set, you need to think about the food! Cold food is often the easiest choice, unless you have a BBQ or pizza oven situated near your eating area. A lovely summer menu would probably include BBQ food with salads, cheeses, patès and bread to be washed down with some lovely chilled white wine.

Last but not least, don't forget som
e sort of insect repellent. One of the only downsides of enjoying outdoor dining is that it can attract insects, so make sure you have s
ome citronella candles to hand, or plant some repellent herbs such as lavender near your eating area for a mo
re natural solution.
For some outdoor fun, without tot much energy to muster...iWoodesign has the most exclusive luxury backgammon sets for you to finish the evening off at fresco.
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