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Ideas for a Fun Family Night In

It is probably fair to say that family schedules are so full these days that is almost impossible to get together. With parents working long hours and children involved in lots of after school activities, families can quite often eat at different times. The advent of technology such as phones, tablets and TVs in every room, can also make it easy for us to isolate ourselves. With this in mind, why not organise a family night once a week? It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive and can be a great way to get everyone interacting with each other.
Movie Night
Now, we know we have just moaned about the advent of TV and how it can isolate people, but actually, it can be a way of bringing the family together. Why not think about a theme such as The Wild West or Classic Musicals, then create tickets and a ticket booth. Build yourself a concession stand out of cardboard, and give the family monopoly money to pay for their ticket. You could also set up a snack stand with popcorn, chocolate and soft drinks. At the end of the film, why not have a little quiz? You could also really up the fun factor by all dressing up as characters from the film you are watching.
Board Games
Probably the simplest way to have a fun family night is to make it a family game night and play a selection of fun board games. These types of games are the best way to encourage your kids to engage with you, and the best thing about them is that your children will also be getting some free education in the process. Take for example a luxury backgammon set - this can help them with strategy and maths' skills, as well as being very entertaining.
Bonfire Night
Autumn is upon us, and we are coming up to bonfire night. So, why not gather your family together and have your own little cook out in the back garden? As long as you do it in a safe way, a fire can really add a touch of fun and a happy atmosphere to any gathering. While the fire is burning down to the correct temperature for cooking, get the family preparing sticks for making kebabs. You can thread chunks of chicken, lamb or beef onto the sticks along with vegetables, or go fruity with chunks of pineapple and banana for dessert. And you can't have a campfire without marshmallows. You will be amazed how easily the conversation flows around the fire, and you can always ramp up the fun factor with some ghost stories or a good old sing-a-long!
The possibilities for family fun nights are endless and these are just some ideas to get you started. For more information on our luxury backgammon sets, please give us a call on 0208 802 2425 or send us an email to [email protected]