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Christmas Homeware Ideas

Décor for Your Home this Festive Season
Christmas is here, and in our opinion it really is the most wonderful time of the year!
We very much look forward to decorating the house from head to toe with fun and festive decorations. It’s time to decorate the tree, get the nativity out, put the Christmas lights up, set the stockings on the fireplace, and put on your beloved Christmas jumper! In this blog, we share some ideas and inspiration for how to decorate your house this Christmas and turn it into a festive fiesta.
It just is not Christmas without a festive wreath, but why stop with one on your front door? Try adding one to your fireplace and using one as a centrepiece on your table. Perhaps skip traditional scarlets, and instead opt for vivid greens and pinks with sparkly accents. Also try spray painting your wreath silver for a frosted feel, or add pinecones, acorns and twigs for a 3 dimensional pop. Remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard circular wreath, be experimental, and try a star shaped wreath or hanging wreath bundle for the ultimate festive look.
The dining table is where everyone will be sitting down to eat a delicious Christmas feast, so you want to create a show stopping centrepiece. You can’t go far wrong with rich reds, such as poinsettias and red berries and luscious green foliage like holly leaves, ivy and baby’s breath. Make things fruity by adding deep-hued fruits, such as plums and pomegranates, to spice up your festive décor. In addition, mixing scented candles and tealights on the table will look warm and inviting and will fill the room with seasonal scents.

Obviously, lights on the Christmas tree are a must, but don’t be afraid to mix lights, tinsel, beads and baubles - after all, can you ever have too much sparkle at Christmas?! Putting fairy lights in jam jars has been a big trend this year, so why not decorate your home with these to create a cute rustic look, using multi-coloured and different shaped fairy lights for an eclectic feel. Wrapping twinkly lights around your staircase can brighten up this space and continue the festive décor upstairs.
Finishing Touches
To complete the look, why not chose from our exceptional handmade luxury homeware, from Backgammon Sets, the Desk Sets, Stylish Bins, Bathroom Accessories and much more. All of our products are stunningly designed and are finished to the same high standard. The exquisite woods used to craft each product are of the most exclusive varieties in the world, so you can be sure that this homeware will give your Christmas decoration a luxury designer edge.
We hope that you enjoyed our festive décor ideas and are inspired to get creative with your decorations and homeware this Christmas. To find out more about our luxury homewares, please call us on 0208 802 2425 or email us at [email protected].