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5 Ruled to Follow to Give Great Gifts

With Valentine's day looming, the season of giving is well and truly underway, and so we have pulled together our top five tips for ensuring you give great gifts time after time.

All the Best Things Come in Small Packages
When you think of indulgences, you probably think of a hotel stay or a spa visit, but not every indulgence has to be so extravagant. Think about how much you would love a magazine subscription or one of the new box subscriptions that are popular today, but you never seem to find the time to do it for yourself. You may have subscribed to one yourself, and wondered how you ever lived without it - so why not share that feeling with someone else? Plus, it is a gift that keeps on giving - as they will receive something every month rather than just a one-off occasion. And if they really love it, you can just renew it for them next year - meaning that is one less present you have to stress about!

Stop Overthinking
You have probably heard of the old saying - 'it’s the thought that counts' - and this is certainly true - up to a point. In reality, it only speaks to the person who is buying the gift and not the one who is receiving it - after all, they won't know how long you stood in line to buy those concert tickets. Your thoughts are not seen by the receiver, so if you give them a mug, they will just evaluate the mug and not the thought behind it. So, stop overthinking things and just get people something you know they want or get them two gifts - one thing you know they want and one thing you have thought about.
Gift Experiences Rule

A lot of research has been done that shows that people who have more life experiences such as travelling, attending concerts and so on are happier than those who spend their cash on personal items like clothes and jewellery. This also applies to gifts to a certain degree as well - if a person wants a watch for example and you gift them a gift experience such as a spa treatment they will be happy, but if they wanted a spa treatment and you gift them a watch, they will tend to be a little disappointed.

Choose Something Timeless

Gifts that will stand the test of time and can be appreciated over and over again are always a good choice. Any of the items from our expensive gifts for men range, such as our cigar humidifiers or watch boxes are items that look like something the old Hollywood stars such as Cary Grant would own, and tell a real story about the person who owns them.

Package It Well

You might not think it, but a lot of the time the thing that really affects how well a gift is received is the packaging. If you give someone a practical present, such as one of our Jewellery Boxes, then add a necklace or bracelet to it to really make them smile. And without fail, every time you give a gift, accompany it with a handwritten card. This definitely shows you have taken a little time to consider the receiver.
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