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Beautiful Accessories to Enhance Your Home

Beautiful Accessories to Enhance Your Home

iWOODESIGN creates luxurious homewares that add a special touch to any living space. Known for our masterful craftsmanship, exquisite woods, and unrivaled attention to detail, iWOODESIGN provides the perfect accessories for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Adding to the elegance of any space, the Boutique Tissue Box in Sterling Grey captivates with its magnificent blend of Sterling Grey Figured Eucalyptus, empowering homeowners to incorporate a touch of luxury into their everyday setting. With a magnetic base engineered for seamless replacement of tissues, this handmade accessory is more than just a staple item - it's a statement piece for those who appreciate lavish homeware.

Embracing the latest trend of chic accessories adding a touch of luxury to homes, iWOODESIGN presents it's stunning Backgammon Set in Smoked Oak. Individually handmade, this extraordinary piece brings together the beauty of smoked oak and intricate precision of faux shagreen inserts in contrasting white and grape tones. A testament to our dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, the set includes precision throwing dice, a doubling cube, and magnetised smoked oak shakers that seamlessly encompass the backgammon after play. This exclusive creation is not just a game, it's an embodiment of iWOODESIGN's unwavering commitment to refinement and quality.

Within iWOODESIGN's Collections' of luxury accessories, our Smoked Oak Pamper Bed Tray stands out as a versatile gem. The tray, a best-seller in our collection, artfully merges convenience with sophistication - its compact and foldable design, combined with useful side pockets - ensures your essentials remain within reach. Handcrafted from exquisite smoked oak, this piece is the epitome of modern opulence. It's not just a bed tray, it's a design statement that complements any decor with timeless elegance.

iWOODESIGN is excited to enhance your home with our stunning range of masterly crafted home accessories. From the handcrafted trinket box to the Smoked Oak Pamper Bed Tray, every product boasts a superb blend of elegant charm and functional designs, created using expertly sourced woods. As a brand that's consistently synonymous with luxury, iWOODESIGN remains dedicated to providing sophisticated and timeless accessories to adorn any living space. More about the brand and the exquisite designs are available on the iWOODESIGN website.