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Luxury Bed Trays

Our Pamper Trays have evolved from the standard depressing bed tray into something so luxurious, so beautiful yet extremely practical for work and dine. We are excited to offer a new dimension to living through our luxury home accessories. Why not have stunning everyday home accessories that can be enjoyed daily and proudly be put on display? Why not have breakfast in style?
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A super laptop and bed tray for all your needs. The Pamper Tray - Dark Ebony Wood

A fabulous laptop/bed tray in Dark Ebony

Price: £650.00
Expensive Laptop Tray The Pamper Tray - Warm Walnut Wood

A beautiful laptop/bed tray in Warm Walnut.

Price: £650.00
Luxury Breakfast Tray The Pamper Tray - Smoked Oak Wood

Do not sit down without one!

Price: £650.00
Luxury Laptop Tray The Pamper Tray - Sterling Grey

Breathtaking bed tray in beautiful Sterling Grey.

Price: £2,050.00
Luxury Laptop Tray Karelian Birch Exclusive Pamper Tray

Unique luxury bed tray in stunning Karelian Birch.

Price: £2,600.00
Luxury Home Accessory Figured Sycamore Exclusive Pamper Tray - SOLD OUT

A stunning Pamper Tray in Figured Sycamore.

Price: £2,600.00
Luxury Bed Trays in Santos Rosewood Santos Rosewood Exclusive Pamper Tray

The most luxurious bed tray in Rosewood.

Price: £2,600.00
Luxury Home Accessories Tamo Ash Exclusive Pamper Tray

Such a beautiful Bed Tray in Tamo Ash,

Price: £3,500.00
Luxury Bed Tray in wood Spider Ebony Macassar Exclusive Pamper Tray - PREORDER

Super handsome in stunning Spider Ebony Macassar.

Price: £3,500.00


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