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4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas

iWOODESIGN loves contemporary handmade designs in extraordinary woods. This is why we are passionate about what we do. Be inspired by these 4 luxury home decor ideas that will refresh your interiors giving a more luxurious vibe. focusing on the bedroom, bathroom and living room.
Made with the finest materials, iWOODESIGN combines practicality with luxury, creating the following items:
A Bed Tray like no other! This the Pamper Laptop Breakfast Tray which will make your bedroom so luxurious and cool. It is a real statement piece. It works as a breakfast tray with the sides pockets for storing your newspapers and magazines as well as a laptop tray for getting your work done in a more comfortable setting, using the storage for documents and paperwork. As you can see, you can use this luxury bed tray both for beauty and functionality. This piece adds great character to your bedroom.4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 01 luxury home decor ideas 4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 04

This exquisite Bed Tray is made in Tamo Ash, favoured by Bentley cars for their wood dashboards.
Your bathroom is a special private place where functionality is important, however, without luxury, it will not be an enjoyable experience. Using the finest materials combined with beautiful designs, iWOODESIGN creates unique and luxurious bathroom accessories perfect for adding that extra classy touch to your bathroom and for creating a perfect sanctuary.

4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 02 luxury home decor ideas 4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 4 Luxury Home D  cor Ideas 03
This Bathroom Set is handcrafted in exceptional Mexican Ziricote. The Ziricote is a prestigious wood book matched to create a beautiful contrasting pattern whereby each accessory is a unique piece.
The living room has a very special place in your home as it tends to be the heart of the house. This is why we have 2 luxury home decor suggestions for you.
The living room is where you greet family and friends, where you entertain your guests and where you celebrate special occasions. Itís the place that often sets the tone of the rest of your home, emanating a certain feel that you wish to be as good as possible.
As a great welcoming focal point of the room, you should consider investing in a Backgammon Set . It is beautifully crafted, both luxurious and functional, as it works as an ice breaker to get any evening going, adding atmosphere and fun to the environment as soon as guests walk in. Should you be running late, you needn't worry...

4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 04 luxury home decor ideas 4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 03
This Backgammon Set breaks up the formality of this elegant living room adding a more relaxed and welcoming vibe bringing atmosphere without detracting from its beautiful setting.
Next, for the living room, is, without a doubt, a Next of Trays. A must for any entertaining space! iWOODESIGN combines the natural beauty in woods, with contemporary design and functionality. These luxury trays are forever useful and ready for every occasion. They can be placed, as above, as a decorative piece with a hidden practicality or, as below, more obvious but stunning to look at.
4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 04 luxury home decor ideas 4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 4 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 04
You can incorporate this beautiful Russian Karelian Birch Nest of Trays, in your living room, by adding complementary elements such as a beautiful lamp and decorative pieces in the same color scheme.

In conclusion, why ever compromise on luxury when functionality comes in? As you can see, there's no need to...
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